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Digital Customer Experience a Key Factor in your CX Strategy

By Mauricio Dulon – Experiencia Cliente

According to Qualtrics, more than 65% of customers surveyed said that their experience with an application or website is at least a «very important factor» when recommending a brand. Today the line between digital and non-digital is blurry. It is very important for any company to start analyzing whether the digital customer experience (DCX) they offer to their customers is optimal; Failure to do so can be a very serious mistake in business strategy that could potentially end up in losing customers and your business. 

A common mistake that companies make in DCX is to think that if they do not have an app or if they are not a technology company, digital is secondary. Today’s customers do not think of digital or non-digital, today’s customers simply want to access information or services in the simplest way possible and through whatever channels they choose; It is for this reason that we must give importance to improve the digital customer experience for our customers.

DCX is not bounded by an app or by a web page, but consists of the whole process that takes to access these channels, use them, and understand them. The digital experience of a client does not begin when this client uses a computer or an app, it is very likely to have started long before with some contact that is not necessarily digital, and also continues beyond the use of digital channels. Therefore, the digital experience of the client must be evaluated from a more holistic point of view taking into account all the digital and non-digital factors that contribute to it.

Being omnichannel is an important pillar of DCX. The client must see consistency in the message, usability, and results of their actions across digital channels in order to substantially improve its experience. Consistency in digital channels is a key point in improving DCX.

Digital channels offer one great advantage over non-digital channels, and that is their ability to personalize.  A customer is 40% more likely to acquire a product or service if it is personalized. Digital channels allow us a relatively easy personalization, let’s take advantage of it by customizing digital channels to achieve a better digital customer experience for our clients.

Clients nowadays are constantly leaving a digital fingerprint. That fingerprint should allow us to anticipate the needs of our customers. When you anticipate the need of your customer, that customer is 62% more likely to purchase your product or service. A digital channel that anticipates your needs results in a much better digital customer experience.

Nowadays it is almost impossible to reach a client without taking into account some digital medium. DCX is a very important part of CX, and should be taken into account as part of the strategy of any company that is customer-centric.

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