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The Role of HR in CX

The saying holds true: you cannot have a good customer experience without a good employee experience. Thus, understanding the increasingly important role of Human Resources (HR) in Customer Experience (CX) is crucial, given the direct link between employee engagement and satisfaction, and customer satisfaction and loyalty. If your goal is to become a customer-centric organization, HR is one of the pillars you should rely on.

Below are some tips on the role of HR in CX:

Define the Employee Fit

HR is instrumental in identifying and recruiting individuals whose skills, personality, and values align with the company’s ethos and customer experience goals.  Having employees who resonate with the company’s culture is crucial for delivering consistent and authentic customer experiences and HR should see about it.

Communicate the Brand Promise

HR has a role in clearly communicating the brand’s promise across the organization, ensuring every employee, regardless of their role, understands and contributes to this vision.  HR should also help employees understand their specific roles in fulfilling and propagating the brand’s promise.

Map the Employee Journey

HR should be tasked with creating Employee Journey Maps in order to help understand and address employee’s needs, thereby indirectly enhancing customer experience. There is no good customer experience if there is not a good employee experience.

Train on CX

HR should provide comprehensive training about customer experience, its importance, and how every employee contributes to it.

Reward Employees Customer Centricity

HR can design reward systems that recognize and encourage customer-centric actions among employees, thus fostering a culture of customer-first thinking.

Measure Employee Experience

HR should also regularly measure employee experience in order to provide valuable insights for enhancing customer experiences.  It is very important to act on employee feedback to continually improve both employee and customer experiences.

Ensure Compliance with Customer Service Standards

HR has an important role in ensuring that all departments adhere to the highest customer service standards.  Maintaining consistency in customer experiences across different departments and touchpoints will result in an improved customer experience/

CX Change Management

Finally, HR has a critical role in driving and managing change towards a more customer-centric organizational culture.  HR has the tools to effectively implement and manage these changes, ensuring buy-in from all levels of the organization

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