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Try Gamifying Feedback Recollection – Make it Fun for the Customer馃ぉ

In order to exceed the customer鈥檚 expectations, you must know those expectations; and for that, you need to constantly collect customer feedback.聽 Yet, in today’s world, customers often feel overwhelmed by frequent requests for feedback (at least I do), making it challenging to obtain genuine insights. Enter Feedback Gamification 鈥 an innovative approach that turns the routine task of providing feedback into an engaging and enjoyable experience for customers.聽 This approach will help you enhance the feedback quality and it will improve the relationship with your customers.

Feedback Gamification refers to the application of game-design elements in non-game contexts. It’s an approach where traditional feedback mechanisms are enhanced with elements typical to games, like scoring points, competing, and achieving levels or rewards.

The reason behind using Feedback Gamification is rooted in human nature. Games inherently stimulate interest and motivation. They create a sense of achievement and competition, which can be harnessed to make the process of giving feedback more appealing. When customers engage with a gamified feedback system, they’re more likely to provide more detailed, honest, and frequent responses.

The traditional methods of feedback collection 鈥 surveys, feedback forms, or interviews often feel like a chore to customers, resulting in disengaged, superficial, or even avoided responses. Gamification alters this dynamic by adding an element of fun. Feedback Gamification process can transform a standard questionnaire into an interactive experience. For instance, customers can earn points or badges for each feedback form completed or can participate in a monthly feedback challenge with rewards for the most constructive insights.

The benefits of Feedback Gamification are palpable. For starters, It leads to a higher quantity and quality of feedback, providing richer data to inform decision-making and improvements in customer experience. Since the process is more engaging and rewarding, it enhances the customer鈥檚 overall experience and satisfaction with the brand.

However, there are some aspects you must consider when applying Feedback Gamification.聽 You should design a system that is simple, intuitive, and genuinely enjoyable, rather than one that feels gimmicky or forced. The rewards and challenges should be meaningful and aligned with the values and interests of the target audience. It’s also crucial to maintain a balance 鈥 the gamified elements should encourage feedback but not at the cost of its authenticity and relevance.

By integrating gamification into feedback mechanisms, you can be sure that the feedback you collect will be more insightful and richer.

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