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You’ve Got your Customer Journey Map, What’s Next?

Crafting a customer journey map (CJM) is a vital yet challenging step in enhancing customer experience (CX). It’s a key element in your toolkit to understand your customers better, including their pain points and areas where your service excels. But creating this map is just the beginning of a longer journey towards improving customer experience.

Once you have your CJM, it will highlight various CX initiatives that need attention. It’s crucial not to tackle all these initiatives simultaneously; prioritize them based on importance and feasibility. Sharing the CJM across different departments within your organization is essential. This broad sharing helps in garnering support and assistance for implementing these initiatives. Start with initiatives that promise quick results, allowing you to see immediate improvements in the customer experience. Periodically reassess your CJM to ensure that these initiatives are effectively enhancing the customer experience.

The CX Initiatives Pipeline

A well-developed CJM often reveals numerous improvement opportunities, typically resulting in 30-40 CX initiatives – what I like to call the ‘CX Pipeline’. Begin by categorizing these initiatives based on their functionality and impact on the customer. Then, prioritize them according to the ease and speed of implementation and the potential immediate impact on the customer experience.

Sharing the CJM Organization-Wide

Many organizations tend to limit the visibility of the CJM to their CX department, sometimes due to a belief that other departments are less concerned with customer experience or to avoid highlighting negative aspects. However, sharing the CJM widely within the organization is crucial. You might be surprised at how much non-customer-facing departments are invested in improving customer experience. Present the findings as collective insights from customer feedback, rather than as criticisms, to foster a collaborative improvement effort across departments.

Quick Wins

Identify and prioritize CX initiatives that can be implemented in a short timeframe, typically within two months. These ‘quick wins’ are critical as they provide immediate enhancements in the customer journey and build internal support for ongoing CX initiatives. Implement these quick wins using an agile approach and with teams from multiple areas to ensure swift and inclusive progress.

Re-Evaluating the CJM

Remember, a customer journey map is not static; it’s a dynamic tool that needs regular updating. As customer behaviors and preferences evolve, so should your CJM. Regularly re-evaluate it to identify changes and assess the effectiveness of your CX initiatives in improving the overall customer journey. This ongoing assessment ensures that your strategies remain aligned with your customers’ evolving needs and preferences.

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